About Us

With over half a century of experience, passionate employees who are integrated with their goals, and a range of more than 4500 high quality products that exceed market expectations, we continue our operations on research and development for liquid transfer and sealing systems.

We produce high quality and reliable rubber solutions as sealing elements for the automative industry, health and construction industries, domestic appliances, manual labour and agricultural machines, energy, tractor cabin manufacturers, commercial vehicle cooling systems, LPG/CNG autogas transforming systems and industrial usages.

Tan Kauçuk was founded by Mr. Cavit Tan in 1963, with the aim to address various industrial sectors with its sealing profile appliances in rubber form, designed for domestic markets.

In 1995, the company successfully handed over all of its expertise and knowledge it gained through many years of existence to the second generation. In an effort to become an internationally renowned company, the firm expanded its operations into international markets through adaptation of new investment strategies and modern production technologies. From mixing of rubber to profile extrusion, all of its operations are performed using the most technologically advance equipment and machinery in a safe and well-organized workplace environment.

Starting from 1997, the company continued its operations in Kurtkoy, Istanbul in its 2000m² manufacturing facility. Since 2002, the company has been undertaking its operations in its modern 12000m² facility located in Tuzla Organized Industrial Site. In 2019, it included the 9000m² Karasu manufacturing facility in its structure.

The technological expertise it gained through with over half a century of experience, its continual efforts to maintain a high level of corporate values, business ethics and principals, trust and confidence and respect it has built on its customers, suppliers and its employees are valued the most at Tan Kauçuk.

  • Achievement Culture

  • High Quality Concept

  • Honesty

  • Environmental Safety


  • 1963
    Tan Kauçuk Production Tan Kauçuk Production
  • 1987
    First Export First Export
  • 1995
    Second Generation Era In Management Second Generation Era In Management
  • 1997
    Moving to Kurtköy Facility Moving to Kurtköy Facility (2.000㎡)
  • 1998
    Fuel and Water Hoses Production Fuel and Water Hoses Production
  • 2002
    Moving to Tuzla Facility Moving to Tuzla Facility (12.000㎡)
  • 2015
    PVC Mixture Production PVC Mixture Production
  • 2018
    Umraniye Head Office Opening Umraniye Head Office Opening
  • 2020
    2. Factory Opening - Karasu Facility 2. Factory Opening - Karasu Facility (9.000㎡)

Our Vision

To be a leading partner brand in the value chain of the global automotive industry.

Our Mission

In the sealing and liquid transfer systems market, primarily in the automotive industry, where our value chain partners are;

  • With its fast, dynamic, and flexible service approach,
  • Developing products and services together with all its stakeholders,
  • Always giving direction for the better by providing added value and
  • Contributing to the sustainable development of the world,
  • to be a highly-qualified and reliable solution partner.

  • Passionate employees who are integrated with their goals

  • Happy customers whose expectations are satisfied

  • High quality products that exceed expectations

  • World class operations

Management Board

Message from the Management Board

Dear Stakeholders,

As Tan Kaucuk, we continue to create positive values in the rapidly changing global market with the power, experience, and culture we’ve gained from our history of more than 60 years. We believe that innovative solutions are the basis of carrying sustainable values in social, economic, and environmental impact areas to the future with a flexible management approach.

Since the first day, our company has been providing value by producing sealing and liquid transfer systems at high-quality standards. Along with these, it continues to grow with a much faster and more value-added service approach, especially in the international market. With our pioneering and exemplary practices, we continue to create value while developing our partnership relationship with world brands.

While we continue to work to provide more benefits to individuals and society without compromising these principles and values, we aim to be one of the guiding companies of our country and the world as well. The basis of our goals is the work we do to contribute to a sustainable future and be sensitive to people and the environment.

We’ll grow and develop together tomorrow as we have done so far. I would like to thank you, our esteemed colleagues, business partners, and all our stakeholders, for their contribution and trust in this journey of success that has spanned more than half a century.

Better Together..

Board Member
Ferhat TAN

Automotive Main and Sub Industry

Automotive Main and Sub Industry

We produce rubber profiles as high-quality and reliable sealing elements for tractor cabin manufacturers, heavy-duty and agricultural machinery, caravans, commercial vehicle cooling systems, LPG / CNG autogas conversion systems, and industrial uses.

The wicks produced for doors, trunks, hoods, or vehicle bodies according to different models of vehicles provide maximum impermeability on the applied surface and prevent the penetration of noise, dust, and rainwater from the outside.

  • It can be produced in different colors and sizes according to the needs.
  • It has a wide operating temperature range.
  • Provides optimum door closing effort.
  • It allows the moving glasses to move smoothly in their channels.
  • They have flame and chemical resistance properties.


Impermeability wicks are used as a tightness element in places where air and liquid insulation is important, such as energy cabinets, server doors, generators, and compressor cabinet covers, and also eliminate the risks of sharp edges.

We produce PVC granules in international standards with our REACH and ROSH certificates for installation cables, low voltage cables, medium voltage cables, ship cables, halogen-free installation cables, mine cables, energy cables, signal cables, data cables, fire alarm cables, chandelier cables, pipe fittings, socket body, socket and plug elements, voicing and coaxial cables.



Tightness wicks used for sound and heat insulation in the doors and windows of the buildings allow the movable glasses to move smoothly in the glass channels. Our rubber and PVC profile products reduce the effects of the exposed edges of plastic rain gutters, eliminating these risks and creating a safer environment. It is used for mounting pipes to the wall (horizontal/vertical), ceiling, and floor.

Window profiles, garden fence, and elements, curtain rails, doors, gutters, sills, building exterior applications, edge bands, tile strips, connection valves, and elements, wall and roof panels, clean water pipes, air hoses, and apex hoses We produce Rigid (hard) and elastic PVC granules to be used in areas such as hose, shower hose, LPG tube gas hose.



Rubber and PVC seals produced for cooling room doors and server doors, where thermal insulation is important, provide maximum insulation.

  • It has the maximum gap-filling feature.
  • Minimizes vibration and noise.
  • It has maximum flexibility in cooling environments.
Agriculture and Construction Machinery

Agriculture and Construction Machinery

Our PCV Profile products are used as vibration absorbers under the hood in tractors and work machines, and as air, water, and dust insulation elements on cabin doors, glass, and ceilings. Our products eliminate these risks and create a safer environment by reducing the effects of exposed edges on the seat edge upholstery of agricultural and construction machinery such as tractors.

The PVC granules we produce for use in garden irrigation hoses and various agricultural products are resistant to fading and abrasion, have impermeability and non-stick properties, and are resistant to UV resistance (continuous sun contact).



Our products are used as air, water, dust, and sound insulation elements on the doors and windows of trains in the railway and wagon sectors. Thanks to the wicks preventing the air inlet and outlet, it reduces the need for air conditioning and heater in the interior of the vehicle and contributes to energy savings.

Our company, which is the most preferred among rubber and PVC profile manufacturers, offers hundreds of product types to its customers.



Our profile products are used as air, water, and dust insulation elements on the doors and windows of vehicles used in the defense industry.



Our PVC granule products, which are mostly used in products such as disposable oxygen masks and hoses, nebulizer sets, catheters, blood bags, pumps, platelet bags, anesthesia circuits, spiral hoses, and serum hoses in the health sector, are odorless, phthalate-free, bisphenol A free (Bpa free) and is produced according to RosHS and REACH criteria.

  • Air and gas-tight, providing good ozone resistance.
  • Resistant to weather conditions, heat, and chemicals.
  • It has a flexible structure.
  • Adapts to different materials.
White Goods

White Goods

We produce gaskets and wicks from different rubber materials such as EPDM, CR, Natural Rubber and NBR for washing machines, dryer drums, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, ovens, washing machines and sub-industries of these products for the needs of manufacturers in the white goods sector. Our PVC granule products, which are preferred because they are durable and cost-effective, are used in the production of washing and dishwasher hoses and spiral hose types.



We produce PVC Granules that are resistant to different weather conditions, flexible and resistant to high pressure, with different color options, hard and elastic varieties, which are used in the production of products such as milking hoses, transparent braided hose, natural water hose, pure water hose. Our company, which is one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey in the production of PVC Granules, prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Quality Certificates

Our firm, who provides world class manufacturing, holds the certificates below.