Human Resources Policy

We value all human resources in our country and in the regions that our firm operates. We manage our processes in accordance with our hiring procedures, with the aim of matching every candidate with the correct position and ensure personnel hiring through competency-based interview techniques. All employees who start to work in our firm go through certain trainings that have been decided beforehand, in order to speed up the adaptation process and we ensure that they take up roles which match their qualifications.

Human Resources

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We process some of your personal data with the purposes of evaluating your application and directing it to the most suitable position. The information that you give us will be held in your personal file in the case that your application is approved. In the case that your application is rejected, your information will be held with the purposes of evaluating it for any future suitable positions for a duration of three years. You can view the "Job Application Clarification Text" on to learn more about the processing of your personal data and your rights. "By filling the optional fields within your job application form, you accept and declare that you give your consent for your personal data to be processed for our job application evaluation processes."