Human Resources Hiring Processes

We manage our processes in accordance with our hiring procedures, with the aim of matching every candidate with the correct position. During candidate selection, we consult certain testing methods and create personality inventories. During job interviews, we conduct competency-based interview techniques.

  • Human Resources Hiring Processes

Training Process

All employees who start to work in our firm go through certain trainings that have been decided beforehand, in order to speed up the adaptation process. Each year, the number of training hours per employee is decided and yearly training plans are prepared accordingly. The trainings are done within the technical, managerial and personal growth fields.

Performance Management

Within our company, the performance management process is done with regards to the objectives and competency, through particular softwares. Performance management takes place twice per year; being the mid-year and end of the year evaluations. During the mid-evaluation period, seniors give feedbacks to their subordinates with regards to the progress towards their goals and the development of their basic, technical and managerial abilites. In addition, during the end of the year evaluations, meetings regarding the goals and performance results are done and the employees who perform below their goals are directed towards required development plans. Performance management provides data for the other human resources processes such as education and development, career management and price management.

Career Management

With the data from the yearly performance management sessions and and the positive opinions of their seniors, the career management of our employees take place in the following forms: vertical transmission, lateral transmission to another line of business, or cross promotion to another line of business.

Wage Management

Wage management is applied with regards to the market conditions, employee performances and balance across different divisions in our firm. During the wage increase periods, we take into account the market conditions and the wage studies that various establishments conduct. By this means, we aim the gain of suitable candidates in our firm.

Rewarding and Penalty

In our firm, an efficient suggestions and rewarding system is available. All suggestions made by our employees are evaluated after a pre-assesment, by the members of the Suggestions Council. The appropriate suggestions are awarded points under certain criteria. These points are accumulated in the point bank of the owner of the suggestion. The owner of the suggestion can choose a reward worth his/her accumulated points from the reward catalogue.

The purposes of penalty management in our firm are as follows: to create a coherent and productive working environment, to present the rules and obligations all employees must follow, to identify the processes to pursue in the cases of attitudes, actions or events that violate the rules under the regulations.