Technology and System

Tan Kauçuk accepts hard work as the essential condition to find solutions to future problems and stand strong. Know how accumulated over years, the development of raw materials, product and processes, and hence realizing the ever changing demands of customers allows innovations to surface.

During the creation of the product; the design and application of the mixture, the design and application of the mold, the designing of the process and the testing processes are done and documented on every product.

  • Technology and System
Rubber ERP Program

ERP Program

The ERP program we use, ensures the management and continuation of the whole process, starting from customer demands and orders.

The risk evaluation and production costs of the incoming requests are identified. The product mixture design is made and given new function, and necessary developments are made. Mould designs and production is conducted, and after the prototyping is done, pre-production is done. Finally, mass production takes place and quality control and reporting activities are done throughout and after.

Rubber R&D


Thorough market research is conducted in order to understand customer needs and design and manufacture products which will exceed expectations. New product designs are conducted with regards to an analysis done on this market research.

Analysis, design, validation and product management activities within the scope of the product development process, is conducted by our expert engineering team in our modern and equipped office and laboratories.

Rubber Profile Products

Project Method

Our team who is in collaboration with our customers throughout design and production, designs products and molds with 2D/3D design programs. With current process and machinery conditions;

  • New product mould design is conducted.
  • The proper process and method are chosen, samples are prepared.
  • Refinements are made in line with customer evaluations.
  • Production is automated.

Mould design is conducted by our own expert team.



Our firm holds the ability to cover its own mixing needs with its profile mixing lines. We can answer the sector's needs in addition to using ourselves the black or white doughs which we produce in production lines with 335 ton capacities. With new innovations and investments, it's also possible to produce new generation mixtures with AEM, FKM, ACM, HNBR and ECO.

  • Expert R&D team,
  • ERP-integrated automatic weighing system and contactless mixing operation,
  • Batch off taping system in line with extruder feeding,
  • %100 mixing tests in fully equipped laboratories

Continues production with over 1000 recipes.

  • Hose and Profile Extrusion
  • UHF and Vulcanization with Steam
  • Over 1000 recipes
  • Reinforcement with metal, wires and strings
  • Over 5000 molds ready for production
  • Placing metal/wire reinforcements in profile mixings
  • Writing the lot number on the product for traceability purposes with inkjet or disc
  • Placing polyester/aramid reinforcements within the hose tubes
  • Final operations with Cutting, Welding, Strip Agglutination, Lacquering, and Butyl applications
PVC/EPDM Agglutination
  • Melding of two different elastomers (PVC - Rubber) through chemicals
  • Numerous combinations with colours in PVC
  • Measuring adhesion strength
  • Low budget mold process
  • Various colours
  • Reinforcement with metal and wires
  • Flocking on EPDM solid - sponge with the static electrification technology
  • Decreasing friction in moving windows
  • Application of polyester amd polyamid flock in various colours and sizes
  • 150+ flocked products
  • Polyester/Polyamid Flock
  • 4000 m/day production capacity
  • Hoses which are vulcanized in pressurized containers are reinforced in terms of durability and sealing, by braiding in braiding machines together with metal and textile ropes.
  • Hoses are reinforces with various braiding types, such as tres,spiral, knit, etc.
  • Within braiding, polyester, aramid, galvanised, aluminum and stainless wires are used as reinforcement.
Lacquering (Surface Lubrication)
  • The gliding and sealing properties .
  • The desired area is lacquered using the repelling method, in order to minimize unfavourable side effects such as static friction, corrosion and adhesion.
  • Extruded profile products with or without metal reinforcements and in specific lengths are welded end-to-end or with an angle.
  • During the welding process, normec or injection methods are applied.
  • Welding tearing test is planned according to the customer.
  • Depending on customer demands, the extruded products are cut in desired lengths and tolerances.
  • For products with metal reinforcement, their ends are cleaned by removing metal burrs.
  • Protected with rust preventives.
Mastic Application
  • Butyl is applied in the Rubber - PVC profiles, which enhances sealing.
  • Applicable on any desired molds.
  • Can be done during extrusion.
  • Flexible; impermeable to air and gas.
  • Provides good ozone resistance.
  • Resistant against weather conditions, heat and chemicals.
  • Has good vibration absorbtion.
  • Shows ageing resistance.
Strip Agglutination

Applying strips on the extruded rubber products. This application;

  • Shows variation according to customer demand.
  • Provides structural strength, which can replace other mechanical connection elements.
  • Can accomodate the usage of lighter thinner equipment.
  • Accomodates to different materials and merges them.
  • Acts as an environmental barrier and isolation element for humidity.
  • Minimizes vibration and noise.
  • Shortens assembly duration.
  • Adheres to difficult surfaces such as glass.
  • Has proper thickness and gap filling properties.
Rubber Sealing Solutions


The production phase is done according to the specifications; from receiving the resources until obtaining the end product.

  • Suppliers' performance evaluation and certified supplier list
  • %100 lot-based mixing control before extrusion
  • Automatic outside diameter test on hoses with a calliper
  • Pressure test on the product
  • Assembly - disassembly test
  • Welding tearing test
  • Impact test on hoses
  • Test for Deformation Under Hot - Cold

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