PVC Granule for Cables

As Tan Kauçuk, we produce PVC granule for cables suitable for energy, telecommunications, communication, signal and other cable types, in international standards with our REACH and ROSH certificates.

PVC Granule for Cables
PVC Granule for Cables

Product Specifications

PVC granule is used in four different areas in the cable sector: isolation, covering, filling and TTR. Our PVC granules are manufactured in various density, hardness and colours; are resistant against burning , inflammation, hot or cold temperatures; and have high elasticity. Additionally, we produce:

  • Durable in between -40 °C /-60 °C,
  • Durable up until 70°C, 90°C, 105°C ve 125°C,
  • Suitable for cables that can operate in fresh water and salt water,
  • Durable against rodents,
  • Durable against chemical oils,

PVC granule for cables.

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