PVC Granule for Hoses

Tan Kauçuk is the correct address for PVC granule for hoses, which we manufacture according to our customers' standards and process requirements, with high quality raw materials.

PVC Granule for Hoses
  • PVC Granule for Hoses
  • PVC Granule
  • Granule for Hoses

Product Specifications

Our formules are developed in different colours and oils; resistance levels against vapour, rodent, bacteria and temperature; and in desired SHORE hardness values. During formulation, the requirements of the machines and production processes in which the PVC granule would be used are also taken into consideration.

  • Durable for unusual weather conditions.
  • Sealing and non-sticking.
  • Resistance against fading and wearing out.
  • UV Resistance (Constant sun contact).
  • Elasticity and durability against high pressures.

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