Coextruded Profiles

Produced while considering the optimal door closing force, these sealing products ensure the dust, water, heat and sound isolation between moving mechanisms such as doors, trunks and hoods and the body.

Coextruded Profiles
  • Coextruded Profiles
  • Coextruded Profiles
  • Coextruded Profiles
  • Coextruded Profiles
  • Coextruded Profiles

Product Specifications

Coextruded sealing profiles, which can be produced with or without metal reinforcement, parallel to the modern day technological improvements and customer expectations;

  • Minimum permeability,
  • Maximum sound isolation,
  • Low closing force,
  • Vibrationless drive,
  • Ability to bridge the gaps with large tolerances,

designed and produced according to the quick assembly specifications.

  • Synthetic Rubber, 70 ± 5 Shore A, Black
  • Synthetic Rubber, 0.55 gr/cm³, Black
  • Metal Reinforcement

Product Applications

Coextruded Profiles Applications
Coextruded Profile
  • Agriculture and Industrial Machines

    Used as vibration absorbents below the hood for tractros and industrial machines, and air, water and dust isolation elements for cabin doors, windows and sealings.

  • Automotive

    Used as air, water, dust and sound isolation elements for doors, trunks, hoods and front windows in passenger and commercial vehicles.

  • Energy

    The sealing profiles are used as sealing elements in places where air and sound isolation is of high importance, such as energy cabins, server doors, generator and compressor capin caps.

  • Cooling

    Our products are used to minimize heat permeability in cold storage doors, which are used to preserve food in a healthy and safe way in the food sector.

  • Construction

    The sealing profiles which are used for sound and heat isolation in building doors and windows, ensure the moving windows work smoothly in glass channels.

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