Glass Run Channel Profiles

These are profiles that ensure that the moving windows in vehicles work silently and with minimum friction force within their channel or panels. In addition, they provide water, dust, heat and sound isolation and help while windows are being cleaned.

Glass Run Channel Profiles
  • Glass Run Channel Profiles
  • Glass Run Profiles
  • Glass Profiles

Product Specifications

The profile is produced from a mixture that is resistant against ozone and any weather conditions. The final product is produced by placing miilions of fiber which are directed electrostaticly on the profile's surface with polyurethane adhesives and then cooking. While designing the glass run channel profiles;

  • Minimum permeability and friction force,
  • Maximum water, dust, heat and sound isolation,
  • Qucik assembly criteria are taken into consideration.
  • Synthetic Rubber, 65 ± 5 Shore A, Black
  • Polyamid Flock, Black

Product Applications

Glass Run Channel Profile Applications
Glass Run Channel Profile
  • Automotive

    Glass run channel profiles are used for the moving windows in passenger and commercial vehicles. The profiles ensure that the windows move smoothly and silently in the channels, as well as that the windows are clean and provide sound and dust isolation.

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