Sponge Profiles

These are spongy rubber profiles which can be produced with different cross sections and densities, and are commonly used for water, dust and air isolation.

Sponge Profiles
  • Sponge Profiles
  • Sponge Profiles
  • Sponge Profiles
  • Sponge Profiles
  • Sponge Profiles

Product Specifications

Sponge profiles are produced by being shaped with soft and high deformation resistant mixtures and vulcanized in microwave ovens. They are in rectangular, oval or more complex forms and they prevent water, dust or sound intrusion to inner places in all door and cap applications.

  • Synthetic Rubber, 0.55 gr/cm³, Black

Product Applications

Sponge Profile Applications
Sponge Profile
  • Construction Industry

    Used for sound, air, dust and heat isolation in wooden and steel building doors and windows.

  • Automotive

    Sponge profiles are used in places such as tractor cabin manufacturers, heavy equipment, agricultural machines, caravans, automobiles and commercial vehicle cooling systems.

  • Energy

    Sponge profiles are used in places where air and fluid isolation is of importance, such as energy cabins, server doors and generator caps.

  • Domestic Appliances

    Used as vibration absorbent in the domestic appliances industry.

  • Food Sector

    Our products are used in cold storage doors and barrel lids which are used to preserve food in a healthy and safe way in the food sector.

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