We, as Tan Kaucuk;

Our aim is in line with the expectations of our customers; to manage risks and opportunities effectively by following changing technologies and conditions, to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our quality management system, and to ensure that our company is among the leading companies in its sector.

In order to the realization of this principle;

  • To produce products and services in accordance with the standards in line with automotive quality requirements, customer special requests, and legal requirements,
  • To increase the market share, competitive power, quality reliability, and profitability of our company by adhering to the quality management principles, with continuous improvement studies,
  • To be sensitive to the environment and aware of our social responsibility towards our society,
  • To maximize the satisfaction of our internal and external stakeholders with all our activities.

General Manager
Ferhat Tan

Quality Policy
  • Low Emission

    We take the greatest precautions against all factors that cause air pollution.

  • Energy Consumption

    We keep our energy and natural resource consumption under control and minimize it.

  • Recycle

    We store all the wastes that are generated in our facilities separately and forward them to the relevant units.

  • Environmental Protection

    We implement our productions according to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standards.

Environment and Occupational Health

In order to protect a livable environment and to ensure the occupational health and safety of our personnel; To comply with the legal terms and regulations in force, to continuously develop and improve our environment and occupational health management processes by predetermining the dangers that may occur by considering the risk management approach and the internal and external context, to contribute with all our employees in order to fulfill the environmental demands of our stakeholders; To raise awareness by providing training on environment, occupational health, and safety, to reduce our wastes on-site and to remove them in a controlled manner without harming the environment and our people with whom it interacts, to keep our energy and natural resource consumption under control and to reduce it, by analyzing environmental and occupational health and safety risks, by analyzing ecological and occupational health and safety risks. to take measures to prevent accidents, prioritize the environment and human safety in our investments, consume our resources by using them appropriately and economically, and be respectful to the society and environment we live in within the framework of laws and regulations. Our Environmental Quality Policy is published openly.


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